Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seattle Quadzuki 2012 Pre-Race Report

I really think it seemed like a good idea at the time. Caught up in the excitement of Wil's 40@40 project, running four organized half marathons in the four-day Thanksgiving weekend, well, it just seemed like the obvious thing to do.

Plus, it will move me to 6-moon status in the Fanatics... something I have coveted for two years, since the Wishbone Run on Black Friday didn't hold a half marathon.

See, two years ago I ran the Ghost of Seattle Half on the Saturday, and the Seattle Half on the Sunday -- but still felt like a dork because there were so many Marathon Maniacs there who were doing the Quadzilla. So when it was announced that the Wishbone would offer a "HalfBone" this year, I couldn't resist.

But now it's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and I'm feeling weak and nervous. And excited... I do love these small "ultra-type" races. Just a couple of hundred people, Coke and gummi bears at the food stations, and a very low-key vibe.

Here's what we have in store for the looooooooong weekend:

Thursday, November 22: 
The Widdle Waddle Half Marathon. 

Starts and finishes at Gas Works Park, and follows the Burke Gilman Trail as an out and back.

Friday, November 23: 
Grandpa's Halfbone Half Marathon.

Run on trails in Crescent Forest near Gig Harbor... this one feels like it will be the most challenging / worrisome.

Saturday, November 24: 
The Ghost of Seattle Half Marathon.

Run on sidewalks and paved trail around Seward Park. I ran this two years ago and really enjoyed it -- a very nice, low-key run.

Sunday, November 25:
The Seattle Half Marathon.

Seattle's hometown race. A weirdly hilly course, but one I do like.

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