Sunday, November 11, 2012

San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll pre-race report

Two days at expo (okay, really one and a half days at expo plus half a day of flying...), surprise visits from old friends Javier and John, some awesome Tex-Mex food, and an impromptu marathon (ha!) of Downton Abbey season two last night had me feeling ... Not anxious, but sluggish? I mean, I knew I would finish, but I didn't feel that I would really be doing my best today.

But who cares, right? It's a Rock 'n' Roll race, which means it will be fun.

Had my leftover garlic bread for breakfast, dawdled in my room (ahh, the joy of staying at the start line!), and headed down about 7:15. Stood at the start to watch the wheelers and the elites take off - something I have never gotten to see before. Wow, those folks are FAST.

Then over tithe VIP porta potty, where the line was weirdly short, and chatted to Angie and Keely for a bit before heading over to the corrals.

I watched the various corrals move forward, noticing that there was apparently no number policing at all. Plenty of people with really high numbers in the early corrals. Ummm, and many of them were, well, not particularly fast-looking.

(That makes me feel horrible...)

I decided that I felt pretty good. Much better than the predicted time I put down: 2:45. So I decided to jump ahead a bit, to the 2:30ish corral. A

I slipped in to a corral as it approached the start, did a little dancing to the music, laughed at John (who didn't see me), and then took off at a good pace.

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