Friday, April 6, 2012


Flew in to Nashville today, picked up the car, and headed south to Tullahoma. After the early morning (3:40 alarm, 4:00 taxi, 5:30 flight...) and then longer-than-expected drive, we happily checked in and showered before heading the last 25 minutes south to Lynchburg.

Went to the Jack Daniel Distillery to pick up our surprisingly sweet swag bags -- a string bag, a Nike Dri-Fit long-sleeved top, and matching embroidered running hat -- and our numbers. Ah, personalized bibs. Is there anything finer?

My one regret -- last year's shirts were black. This year we get white. Sigh.

We then headed over to Lynchburg's cute town square, but most of the shops were shutting down for the evening. Or at least the official shop was....

Back up to Tullahoma where we had a surprisingly nice meal at a place called Fazoli's. I had seen the logo and assumed it was a "sit-down" but casual restaurant -- perhaps the Olive Garden of the South? Nope -- it was what I believe is known in the biz as "fast casual" -- you order at a counter but the food is actually good and you are encouraged to stay. Nothing fancy, but tasty and fresh. Or at least laden with cheese...

Now back at the hotel, we have our gear laid out for the morning. I feel a little nervous, for some strange reason, but I'll feel better when we toe the line tomorrow.

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