Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pre-race jitters

I have run a bunch of half marathons. I often feel a bit jittery before the race, but usually I have my lovely Wil to settle me. I have run alone three times, but in two of those cases I was in Seattle (so I knew where I was all the time) or I was at a Rock n Roll race (so I knew the race management style). But this race is a real mystery to me.

I will say that packet pickup was well organized, the web site well laid out, and we have had lots of helpful emails from the event management. So all should be well.

That said, I sure wish Wil was here. I know that most people run races on their own, but I have enjoyed the luxury of a running buddy for years. Yep, I'm lucky!

It is lovely and crisply cold this morning -- 50 degrees -- so folks are bundled up. I may wear my light jacket for a while. Today's race isn't about time, it is about completion. Pure and simple. Get across the line today, have a bit of fun, and then run again tomorrow.

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