Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inaugural S&W Green Lake Half Marathon "Race" Report

Determined to keep going on this project -- so despite the cold and the wet, we headed out to Green Lake to run our 13.1 for the week. We had worked out that we would need to run a little over 4 and a half times around the lake on the inside path.

It was drizzly and gray... and I -- foolishly -- thought that running in shorts would be okay. I mean, hey, I had run in shorts in the rain for the past two weekends.

Of course, I was in Florida at the time...

So we started running -- parking by the Bathhouse because our usual spot was full of folks at the regatta -- and I got very cold, very quickly. It might have made the run easier, in a way -- I was essentially numb for a good portion of the morning. I looked down at one point and noticed that my pale legs were bright, bright red. Strange.

But we ran on and on... and on. We carried water and gels, but never actually stopped to eat or drink any of it. And it got wetter, colder, and eventually started snowing. We had strong headwinds on one side, and tailwinds on the other. And around and around we went.

The regatta seemed to end really early -- apparently it was called off before 11am. But that made it much easier to run past the aqua theater, at least!

When we finished the fourth loop. we had just 1.9 miles to go. So we ran a mile out and turned around. That last mile was a little rough -- but I knew we were in the home stretch. We got back to the parking lot and very, very happily, we were done.

so....cold.... I didn't even know I only had one earbud in

It was so cold that I had a hard time unzipping the pocket with the car keys -- and we went straight home and into the shower to warm up. Total time: 2:33:35. No breaks other than a quick stop at the car to drop off a shirt. Not half bad.

Next week -- the Interurban...

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