Friday, March 23, 2012

Daily Deals... and races...

I think I must subscribe to every daily deals site on the planet. I don't buy as many as I used to -- I learned the hard way that it's sometimes really hard to make the time to actually REDEEM the great offers.

Last year I scored a Zozi deal for half off the inaugural See Jane Run Half Marathon -- so it was only $37. (I am sure that not everyone paid that -- so don't tell me that's why they had such poor race organization... ha). And I know that has actively courted race directors and encouraged them to offer deals. The rationale is that it generates buzz and serves as extra advertising for your event. So I was a little surprised that I hadn't seen similar offers for other local races. Well, okay, there were some mud runs, and a couple of 5Ks. But no big local halfs.

Then in the last week I've gotten TWO deals -- a Zozi deal for the Seattle Half Marathon ($39), and a Schwaggle for the Heroes Half ($30). Of course, I snagged both of them, and we're all signed up.

To be honest, we would have run the Seattle Half in November as part of the 40@40 project. But -- even though I had looked at the Heroes Half -- we wouldn't have signed up for it at $60 each. So the deal worked -- it got us to register.

I'm especially excited about the Heroes Half. You know my love of running over bridges -- especially bridges where pedestrians aren't normally allowed. This race has FOUR bridges, and we get to run them out and back. Whee!

Fingers crossed that we'll find even more deals as race season hits full swing...

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