Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Tried It Tuesday: Body Revolution

Several weeks ago I purchased an "Ideal" -- a group deal that actually gives back to the community -- for 2 weeks of Body Revolution classes at Soma Training in Seattle. I went to a class last week with a substitute trainer -- a real butt-kicking workout, but given that I limped in (as I had walked a brisk half marathon the day before) I don't think I really was able to review it for real.

So -- I went back last night and... it was amazing. I should have written this blog post last night because I came home all glowing and endorphin rushy. I felt like I had been through the wringer, but was really blissed out afterwards.

We started by warming up on the various cardio machines, and then all did a group warm-up. Some kicks, some running in place, some lunges, some push-ups, etc. Then Dillon (the owner / instructor) quickly set up some stations and explained what we'll be doing.

Last night the stations were: push-ups, side lunges with kettlebells, a wood-chop/circular motion with medicine balls, squats / throwing medicine ball agains the wall, sort of hanging chinups, stepping up onto a high bench, and jumping jack squats. Each interval lasts a minute, I think, with 15 seconds of recovery between intervals where you move from one station to the next. During the interval you do the exercise as much as you can. Because it was my first time with her, Dillon had me do some of the exercises without weights -- so that she could check my form. I still feel like I got a killer workout!

We did a full circuit, then took a break for water and air, and then started again. It was all very high energy. I noticed that the women didn't talk to each other much, and Dillon did some talking, but mainly kept time, checked people's form and corrected it as necessary, and kept people moving and motivated. I liked the way she worked with all of us -- urging us to keep going ("I didn't say to stop!" "A little higher, ladies") and gently correcting and praising.

At the end of our third circuit we did some stretching and cooling down. I had to leave the studio to get a little fresh air -- I had that vaguely queasy feeling I sometimes get after working out really hard -- which, to me, is the mark of a fine, fine workout. But, no, I didn't lose it. :)

At the very end we were stretching our hamstrings -- mine are notoriously tight -- and she came up behind me, put her hand on the small of my back, and said "A little lower" with a gentle push. And I did. It wasn't comfortable, but I did get a deeper stretch. I read back over this paragraph and it looks silly -- but it was somehow ... compelling?

I'm going back on Wednesday, but then I need to make a decision. Do I continue? I mean, it feels like a lot of money. $90/month for 1 class/week. $180/month for 2. I mean, I wouldn't pay $840 for a year's gym membership (let alone $1680...). Which is silly, because there are plenty of things I spend that kind of money on. But I really enjoyed the class, the energy, and the workout.

Go on, someone. Tell me to just pony up and do it. :)

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