Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Strike a Pose

So I read a lot about running. Part of it is for my job, but let's be honest: I was already a dork who read more than she ran before I worked at B.

Today, on two different sites, I saw the term "Pose Running". I swear I have never heard of it before. (Have you?) Apparently, it's based on Dr. Nicholas Romanov's "Pose Method" -- "Efficient, injury-free movement taught through poses. Use the Pose Method techniques to prevent injuries and to dramatically improve your athletic performance."

The "PoseTech" site is pretty interesting, and I admit I've only skimmed it, but it seems like one of those perfect runner's lures. First, it's been around for a while -- since 1977. Second, it doesn't require special equipment, just some coaching. Third, it is described as a way to combat fear: "Imagine training and racing without fear... no fear of not knowing what you're doing, no fear of injuries, no fear of not beeing good at your sport, no fear of overtraining... "

I think it looks a little like Chi Running... but I'm sure an expert would tell me that I'm nuts. :)

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