Saturday, August 6, 2011

Great Alaskan Marathon Cruise Race Report

What an amazing week we had! It was a glorious trip -- great people, fun times. And, of course, a big, honkin' Penguin medal!!! We're already thinking about when we can go to the Carribbean... 2013, perhaps?

I would wholeheartedly recommend this trip to anyone who likes to run or walk. John and Jenny are fantastic, the race stages are fun, but the best part was the fellowship of runners. Meeting complete strangers who "get it" -- for whom it is perfectly normal to fly somewhere to run for a couple of hours, who know the importance of a nice medal, and who understand that it's wrong to wear a shirt for a race you haven't run.

As usual, I've written too much... and the race reports are mixed in with the vacation reports. But here are links to the different days:

Day 1 we sailed from Seattle and met the group

Day 2 we ran stage 1 - a very wet 3-mile deck run

Day 3 we ran stage 2 - a 10-mile trail run in Juneau -- and we went whale watching

Day 4 we visited the Hubbard Glacier

Day 5 we ran stage 3 - a 10K "amazing race" in Sitka

Day 6 we ran stage 4 - a 7-mile trail run in Ketchikan

Day 7 we celebrated our successes

Thanks to John and Jenny for putting this together, to Mila for making things run smoothly, and all of our fellow alumni for such an amazing adventure. Run happy, everyone!

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  1. Loved this, makes me want to go for sure! It would be great if y'all were there, you're so much fun!!