Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wil is back!

Ran this morning with my best friend! :) Due to Wil's foot injury, he hadn't run in quite a while. Meanwhile, I had been slowly logging solo miles -- some in the real world, some on treadmills. But today Wil decided to join me. Because I didn't want to push it too far on his first run back, we decided to run to the lookout and back -- 4 miles rather than the 6 miles on the training calendar. I probably needn't have bothered.

We walked to 15th and waited at the crosswalk, and then started our watches the the light turned green. We ran the short block to 16th, and then turned to run up the hill. Half a block up and I was already sucking wind trying to keep up with fleet-footed Wil. By the time we hit 70th I was several paces behind and felt as if I couldn't breathe. Wil was just motoring along. By 73rd I needed to slow to a walk so I could catch my breath. Wil just carried on. Sigh. I rallied and managed to keep up for the rest of the run, though, so that's something.

My favorite part of the run -- holding our breath as we ran through a blizzard of cherry blossoms.

Now that we're home, stretched, and showered, the sun has gone away and the blue sky has been replaced by gray. Looks like we managed to get outside for the nicest part of the day.

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  1. YAH! This is great news. So glad you have your running buddy back and Wil, so glad you are feeling better.