Saturday, March 27, 2010

10 Miler

Got to run with my best friend again today. :) Wil got us up promptly -- I toasted some bagels while Wil dug out the water bottles. I was a little worried about Wil -- after all, since hurting his foot in December, he has struggled through a half and a full marathon, and run one other time. And today I was determined to run my scheduled 10 miles.

I was actually looking forward to running my favorite loop -- 2.5 miles down to the Fremont Bridge, then 6 miles around the Cheshiahud Loop, and then the 2.5 miles back home. The morning was bright (if not yet sunny), and we headed out before 8:00.

Wil kept us at a nice, easy, steady pace (how does he do it?), which meant that I felt like I could run forever. I tried to think about my breathing as we trotted along, but I never really felt tired or winded. (Well, okay, on that one hill up from the lake I did, but other than that...)

And, of course Wil was a total superstar, and he had no problem finishing the run. Which makes me both happy (yay for having my running buddy back!) and furious (I don't think I would have been able to comfortably finish a 10-miler after a 3 month break. Grrr!), Hee hee.

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