Sunday, November 1, 2009

rough weekend

Spent Friday home in bed with a banging headache that simply wouldn't go away. The head fuzziness wouldn't go away so I skipped the run on Saturday morning and spent most of Saturday in bed as well, rallying for a brief walk to downtown Ballard and then a relaxed evening at home with the trick or treaters. (Decent turnout this year, and lots of compliments on our pumpkins.)

So today I woke up feeling much better and excited to run for the first time in days. I had the 12-mile loop that I'd plotted out for last week ready, and the weather was glorious. So we got up, had some "sausage" roll, filled our drinks, and headed out. This is the first of many "downtown loops" we'll be making -- run to downtown on our usual bike route, then cut across to the waterfront, and run back along the trail through the sculpture park, past the grain elevators, behind the train tracks, and past Lindsay's house to the Ballard Bridge and then home.

Felt pretty good for most of the run, but a little stiff in my right knee and then ankle. Now that it's been a while since the run, I've got a bit of pain in my right knee, but all in all I still feel okay. Happy to have a rest day tomorrow.

I had a great October, running 77+ miles despite missing a couple of long runs. In November I've set my goal as 75 miles, knowing I won't get full runs in on our anniversary weekend, but hoping for an otherwise good record.

We're a mere 69 days till the half marathon -- which means we're 75 days out from the cruise! Yeah, I booked our Nassau shore excursion...

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  1. Yay for 12 miles! Rock stars! And, um, does 69 days until the half mean 70 days until the full? Sillies! :-) I, like you, will just concentrate on the cruise.