Sunday, January 4, 2009

last long run before the marathon

We were supposed to run our last long run of the taper on Saturday, but instead spent the day preparing to pour concrete (thanks Eric!). We got up early on Sunday to get the last of the concrete and supplies, but ran out of time. R&E had symphony tickets, so Wil and I scavenged additional bricks from the 'hood and then went for our run... an easy 6 miles.

I proposed the loop that took us up to the lookout, then down the stairs, and back along the BGT to home. Wil reminded me that that's essentially uphill the entire way, except for the steep stairs. So I agreed to go in reverse... essentially all flat or downhill except for the steep stairs up. A look at my run from my Nike+ reveals that I pretty much was crawling up the stairs. But otherwise the run was good, and I even distracted myself into a couple of 9:10-minute miles.

I even feel pretty good after the run -- no real soreness.... other than in my arms, as the sudden snowstorm meant we had to postpone the pour (again!!!) and move all the concrete (again!!!) -- some 35, 60-pound bags of concrete...

Walked up to R&E's place for cheesy dinner... in the snow. Still can't believe that it's so snowy outside.

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