Tuesday, February 5, 2008

windy city

It's said that Chicago is called the windy city not because of the weather, but because there's so much boasting coming from the city leaders. Perhaps Seattle was also a windy city today... sure, we had a very blustery day, with tree limbs snapping, umbrellas blowing inside out, whitecaps on Lake Washington. But Wil and I were also more talk than action.

We were supposed to make up our long run today. But the weather was grim, and because both of us were determined to run outside we hadn't packed gym bags. So there was no running today, which makes both of us feel sad and disappointed in ourselves. I went into the basement and rode my bike in the trainer for 50 minutes, working up a sweat, but it's not quite the same. (And it's really just a makeup of the cross training I *should* have done yesterday...)

Tomorrow is a "rest" day, but I'm going to go to the pool in the morning. Gotta get myself back on track.

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