Wednesday, February 20, 2008

1500m PR

This morning I swam again in Issaquah -- there were no water exercise classes so they had set up all six lanes for lap swim. Without thinking I joined the only lane with one person moving at a moderate pace... later realizing it was the "fast" lane... but as it wasn't crowded and I only shared the lane for the first 10 minutes I think I was okay.

Swam 850 meters freestyle and then swam another 850 meters with swim gloves and the pull buoy. I seemed to be plugging along reasonably quickly, so after 1500 meters I checked my watch -- just a hair past 39 minutes. Sure, that's not very fast. But it's the fastest 1500 I've ever done, so I'm pretty pleased. All in all I did 1700 meters in just under 45 minutes, stopping only to put on swim gloves at the half-way point.

Tomorrow is a travel day for me, but I'll try and get at least a short workout in after my dinner meeting in NYC.

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