Dream Races

Just awesome races:

The Dipsea Race
Royal Parks 1/2 Marathon, London

The London Marathon (it's really the main exception to the "no more full marathons" rule...)
...and of course, the Boston Marathon

Race to the Stones -- an ultra marathon run along the Ridgeway in Britain. This race makes my knees wobble just thinking about it. In a good way. You can run it or walk it, do it in one day or stay overnight in their basecamp, all the while trekking the Ridgeway from the Chilterns to a finish line next to the stone circle at Avebury. Amazing.


  1. Dream races? I never knew peopld are so enthusiastic about racing. This is really good. Best of luck in your race and may you achieve your target.

  2. Those who participate in races and games like that have the strongest abs and legs as well as joints. It is an interesting game though but good for health.