Sunday, February 25, 2024

Christmas Banners Stitch-a-Long, part 1

Hi everyone! Last time I finished the stitching on my holly pillow and selected my new project: a vintage felt-and-sequin Christmas banner. Before I show my progress on the kit, I want to show off my finished pillow cover: 

apologies for the terrible photo!

I started on the first of the vintage Christmas kits this month. There's something I really love about building up the picture, layer upon layer, adding stitches and sequins and beads and layers of felt. Here's where I've gotten to so far: 

I've finished the central "ornament"; next up I will add the bow and start the holly and mistletoe wreath. There are a lot of tiny leaves to stitch and applique; this may take some time. Or maybe it will just move along!

The other stitchers in this stitch-a-long are always working on amazingly beautiful and diverse projects: Avis, Claire, Gun, Christina, KathyMargaret, Heidi, JackieMegan, Deborah, Sharon, Daisy, Cathie, LindaHelenMary Margaret, and Cindy.


  1. I like working on the felt kits also. Your kit looks like it has a lot of tiny pieces. This is very pretty.

  2. Well done on the finish ! The Holly's looks so lovely! I like that you picked more Christmas stuff to do during the year. Just prepares for another happy Christmas haha!

  3. The pillow looks lovely and so soft, i want to pet the fabric, lol! Lots of detail in that ornament. Great job on your progress!

  4. That is just so cute Sunny. Love your pillow cover! I am getting ready to start my first cover for my quilted snowman project.

  5. Your pillow is gorgeous, I love the holly design. Santa is very cute too.

  6. I love the black fabric you've chosen. It makes the stitching really stand out. I haven't seen the felt kits before. Very cute design!