Saturday, January 13, 2024

Halloween Ornaments Project: January 2024

It's January -- is it too early to start thinking about Halloween? Of course not!

In December I made a simple ornament that still makes me smile. It looks pretty simple -- erm, allowing for the fact that I put it into a hoop that's just slightly too small...:

But (assuming you have exposed it to light for a while), turn off the lights and...

GLOW IN THE DARK SKELETON!!!  Seriously, how cute is that?

This month I'm going to make another ornament from a pattern in an old Cross Stitcher Halloween issue: 

I'm going to stitch it on some Aida I ice-dyed last summer. I might leave the "white" area (behind the "Boo!") unstitched to take advantage of the pretty Aida. I'm already itching for warmer weather so I can dye more fabric outside.

I'll be back on February 13 to share my finished ornament and my next project pick.

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