Friday, October 13, 2023

13x13, October edition!

Can you believe it?!? It's been a busy year and I made 13 Halloween ornaments. First and foremost, here's my October 2023 project, RIP by Satsuma Street: 

I do love her designs, especially her use of color. And I also really enjoy stitching on perforated paper. 

Last weekend I pulled all the ornaments and glass pumpkins out of the basement and set them up. I love seeing them all together!

Here's a recap of the individual ornaments:

October 2022: Nevermore by Satsuma Street

November 2022: Ravens Mosaic Ornaments Kit by Northern Whimsy

December 2022: Moonlight Ghost by Mill Hill

January 2023: Autumn Pumpkin by Mill Hill

February 2023: Persian Pumpkin by Mill Hill

March 2023: Glowing Pumpkin by Mill Hill

April 2023: Enchanted Moon by Mill Hill

May 2023: Vintage Halloween by Bucilla 

June 2023: 'Til Death by Satsuma Street

July 2023: Dark Shadows by Sue Hillis Designs

August 2023: Eyeball Martini by Mill Hill

September 2023: Spooky Cage by Mill Hill

Here there are, all together on the tree: 

I should say "all", because I think one of my ornaments managed to find its way into the Christmas decorations, so it may not appear on this year's Halloween tree. 

Because I've enjoyed this project so much -- having something small and finite to stitch outside of my larger projects -- I've decided to continue until at least next October. I'm still planning on posting updates on the 13th of every month, but now I'm just going to call the project "Every Day is Halloween".

For the "November" project I'm going to stitch up something I saved from an old Cross Stitch Halloween magazine. I'll be back on November 13 to share the finished ornament!


  1. I love all your ornaments, and especially your commitment to everyday being Halloween!

  2. Oh I love those Halloween ornaments. I also adore your glass pumpkins. I have never seen any to buy or I surely would have one. I will have to keep a lookout from now on.