Tuesday, June 13, 2023

13x13, June edition

May's project was this super sweet pair from Satsuma Street

I love her designs, so full of vibrant colors. The charts and instructions are always easy to follow, too. In fact, you'll see more of her work in upcoming 13x13 posts (spoilers!).

It occurs to me now that I should have used WHITE paper rather than black paper for the backing... but I still like how they turned out. 

For next month I'm going to revisit a project I started in October 2021. (!!!). I ice-dyed some Aida and then stitched two of these lovely motifs from a set called Dark Shadows. And then, well, nothing. 

So this month I'm going to stitch another one -- these crows on a candelabra: 

Ideally I'll also "finish" all three and turn them into ornaments. This seems challenging; I'm not sure how I want to do that. But we'll see!

As usual, I'll check back in on July 13 to share my finished ornaments, as well as my next project. I still have a bunch all waiting in the wings! 

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