Tuesday, April 4, 2023

April OMG - Traffic on Safari Top

In 2017 I spent a month in Africa, where I climbed Kilimanjaro, went on safari in Kenya, and had a 'vacation from my vacation' in Zanzibar. Having been lucky enough to see lions and zebras and giraffes and elephants and antelopes in the wild, I really fell in love with this fabric collection. Combining it with a pattern called Traffic made me giggle, because we did have some traffic in Kenya. 

Okay, that's a line of our vans waiting to negotiate a steep little gully. 

Sometimes we even had to stop at a zebra crossing... (this is less amusing to my American friends)

We were lucky, we never had one of those horrible "scrums" with dozens of vans penning the animals in so their passengers could take a look. Our drivers kept us spaced apart and let the animals come to us. 

But back to the quilting! 

In March my OMG was really just to get organized, but I ended up cutting the strips and stitching up the blocks. 

April is a busier month for me, so my OMG is to lay out all the blocks, plan the top, and stitch it together. I think I'll struggle with finding the "perfect" or "right" layout, balancing the various colors to create a harmonious look. I often find "improv" challenging -- I like a pattern and symmetry and repetition are my default. So I'm going to really try to stretch myself. We shall see!

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  1. Sounds like Africa was a great trip. I don't mind the 2nd type of traffic you experienced. :) Enjoy the process of figuring out a good layout for that fabric. That would be a real stretch for me as well.

    1. Thanks Babette -- trying to silence my inner editor. I guess the good part of working with a matched set of fabrics means they all go together, regardless!

  2. I like symmetry and repetition as well. It's so easy to get stuck in the endless loop of rearranging of blocks to try to find that perfect layout. Stand back, take a photo, see if anything stands out, and if not, call it good. :)

    1. Thanks Anne-Marie! I ended up laying things out, adjusting a couple, then walking out of the room. When I came back I decided it looked just fine, so forced myself to just pick up the blocks, pin them in stacks, and not look again!