Saturday, February 4, 2023

February OMG: Warp Speed!


Last month's OMG was to just "break the seal" on a Tablet Weaving course -- to watch the how-to class video. After watching it, I feel pretty okay about it. I mean, I haven't actually started doing it, but I feel more interested and ready to start. 

My OMG for February is, again, small and simple. (At least I hope it's simple!). I want to warp the loom -- cut the yarn, thread the cards, and attempt to start the weave. 

My hope is that I can figure out how work the pattern, and maybe it will even make sense. I did a little research into tablet weaving -- turns out it's a medieval craft, and that it was also done by the Vikings. All those woven bands... it's made by tablet weaving. So I'm hoping that I'll enjoy performing this craft from a historical perspective, too. 

My inspiration is a dear friend of mine who was laid off the same day as me. Ever since I met her I thought she was the sweetest, most positive person I have ever known. And she's struggling, like I am, to find her next path. So I asked her her favorite colors, and am going to make a band for her. At least try to. But the first step is to get the warp on the loom. 

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