Wednesday, January 4, 2023

January OMG: Tablet Weaving???


I haven’t participated in One Monthly Goal for a while now, but I always loved the gentle, semi-anonymous accountability. I think this project is perfect for this link-up!

I bought a workshop kit from what was then called The Crafter’s Box to learn Tablet Weaving. I’d never heard of it, but it looked intriguing. 

And then the kit arrived and I was TOTALLY OVERWHELMED. 


I had never done anything like this, and I was intimidated by it. So I just put all the lovely yarn back in a box and set it aside. For at least a year. 

I’m still intimidated, which is absurd because I haven’t watched the instruction course yet. I mean, of course I don’t know how to do it yet! 

Anyway, the teeny tiny baby step for this is that I want to watch the course once to get a sense of how it all works. That’s all. 

I find that, when I’m stuck, just making an easy, gentle step gets me moving again. At least I hope so. 

The One Monthly Goal link-up is organized by Elm Street Quilts; you can see all the monthly projects on the January Link-up Page.

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  1. Tablet weaving. That sounds intriguing. You can do it! Watch the video, you got this! 😉😊