Sunday, November 13, 2022

13x13, November 2022 edition

Hi everyone. Welcome to the second installment of my 13x13 project! In October 2022 I pledged to make the Raven Ornaments Mosaic Kit by Northern Whimsy Studio.  It was my first time attempting mosaic in a very long time. The kit was perfect, and the instructions were nicely detailed. So I’m happy to present the result:

Let’s be honest — there’s one that I managed to forget to leave space for a hanging hole: 

That said, I’m really happy with how the little fellows turned out — they’re small — only about 3x5 inches. 

But I do like the look of them, and managed to hang one (the one with the hole…) on my Halloween tree. 

Now, what’s my next project? I have several Halloween kits from the fine folks at Mill Hill Beads. Moonlight Ghost apparently is set up as a magnet, but I see no problem in turning it into an ornament. 

This little Moonlight Ghost (and his “treasure”, a star…) will make a super cute addition to next year’s Halloween Tree. I’ll check back in on December 13 to share my progress as well as my next spooOOooooky project!

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