Thursday, October 13, 2022

My new project: 13x13

I love Halloween. Every autumn I start stitching projects to decorate, and I love setting up my glass pumpkin patch and my Halloween tree. 

I really need to do something to holidazzle that thermostat!

In October 2020 I stitched several Mill Hill "calavera" ornaments:

In the last year I've picked up and stitched a number of ornament kits -- and I'm always looking for more. But rather than leave it to a frantic stitch-a-thon in the autumn, I've decided on a project. I plan to stitch (or otherwise create!) one Halloween ornament for the next 13 months, starting now and running through next October. 

On the thirteenth of each month I'll post the completed project, as well as a preview of my next project. 

This month I stitched "Nevermore" by Satsuma Street. I love this designer's patterns -- such a great use of color. And every year they publish new Halloween patterns and kits, even though as of right now everything is sold out. (Because they're amazing!)

Now, what's next? I think I'm going to try something new: the Raven Ornaments Mosaic Kit by Northern Whimsy Studio

I haven't done mosaic in years and years. But I love these little ravens. I am slightly worried that they'll be too challenging, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. 

And before you ask, I've got more than 13 projects waiting for me. Call it a problem, or an opportunity!

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