Tuesday, March 1, 2022

New Mexico day 4: Truth or Consequences and Wil turns 50!

Got up relatively early because we had a morning appointment at Riverbend Hot Springs! As you can see in the photo above, we're still pretty bundled up -- it had been below freezing during much of our time in Santa Fe, and was very chilly on this day in T or C. 

We had booked a one-hour private soak in one of their gorgeous pools, Cielo.

 You know how sometimes advertising pictures look better than real life? Not this time. 

(Okay, sure, the lighting is better, but you see what I mean!)

We had a nice roomy pool, lovely hot water, and a view of the Rio Grande. There were curtains that could be pulled across the front for privacy, but it was early morning and there weren't a lot of other folks around. 

There are walls on the other sides which made it very private, and the "whisper quiet" feel (no loud talking!) was respected by the few other bathers in other tubs. 

This picture taken from the front edge of our "room" shows the pretty communal tubs. It makes it look like you'd really need to pull the curtains shut from this angle, but unless someone was sitting on that little dock you couldn't see them from the pool.

Our soak was great, and relaxing, and we talked a lot about what it would be like to buy a little place in T or C and spend our winters there in the sun. 

But we also were keeping an eye on the clock -- and we were out and dried and dressed right on time. 

We decided to get our walk in for the day, wandering around T or C and even heading up the hill to gawp at a couple of houses we spotted on Zillow. But we realized that, things being what they are, T or C probably wasn't the right spot for us. So the not-serious-at-all search continues. 

By midday we had walked all over "downtown" and decided to head back to the cottage for lunch and a bit of relaxation. There were snacks and drinks and dips in and out of our private hot spring tub. The weather felt cool and the tub felt warm and it was very mellow and quiet. 

And I got SPECTACULARLY SUNBURNED. Like, sunburned worse than I had been in DECADES. No, it wasn't smart. It certainly wasn't on purpose. But let's just say that my normally very pale tummy peeled for days. OOPS. 

In the early evening we headed back to Truth or Consequences Brewing, where the very nice bartender bought Wil a beer. 

Then back to the cottage -- after all, it was the reason we came! -- where we had dinner and spent some more time in the tub. Bliss. 

Oh, and of course we had PIE. Even if it was store bought rather than home baked. 

A pretty perfectly mellow way for Wil to enter his 50s! 

Tomorrow: White Sands NP!

**A note on this post: I'm catching up on my New Mexico memories and backdating blog posts to each day.

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