Monday, February 28, 2022

New Mexico day 2: Georgia O'Keeffe and more

Got up early-ish, ate dinner leftovers for breakfast, and headed back to the plaza because we had early tickets for the Georgia O'Keeffe museum

Full disclosure: I didn't know very much about Georgia... and, frankly, what little I knew about her was wrong. I knew about the close-up flower paintings, and how people interpreted them as representing female genitalia. I had no idea that she consistently rejected those interpretations, saying that "men see what they want to see". I suppose sometimes a stamen is just a stamen...

It's an exquisite gem of a museum, with a tight, well-organized collection and a nifty downloadable audio tour that's free. I loved seeing not just her paintings and sketches, but some of her collected items.

And I loved learning a little bit about her. Her grasp of color, her vision, all of it. 

And later, in the gift shop, seeing this magnet (which now graces our refrigerator):

I would like paint more often, and though I'll never paint like Georgia O'Keeffe, I find her spirit inspiring!

After leaving the museum (and, of course, the Gift Shop!), we walked around Santa Fe a bit, stopping at the Farmer's Market, and grabbing some snacks and margaritas. 

More importantly, we popped into Kakawa Chocolate Shop and indulged in some of their Mesoamerican "Elixirs" -- traditional drinking chocolates -- plus a box of their locally inspired caramels and truffles, in flavors including pinon, prickly pear, and red chili. Glorious!

We poked around the galleries on Canyon Road, wondered who was buying all these massive yard sculptures, and then wondered where we could put a giant metal buffalo... and how we'd get it home. 

Tomorrow: Meow Wolf!

**A quick note about this post -- I'm catching up with my New Mexico memories and backdating blog posts to each day. 

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