Sunday, January 9, 2022

Great Wave Stitch-a-Long, part 15

Happy new year everyone! Apologies for the late post; though in my defense it's still the morning of the 9th here in Seattle!

I'm spending the weekend cleaning out our terrifying pantry, taking everything out, painting the walls and washing the shelves, and putting things away again. We often do a "pantry harvest" and "freezer harvest" project in January, but we've lived here for 15 years and have never actually gone in and done a full clearance. So wish us luck -- both with the clearout and the "interesting" meals we'll be having for the next couple of weeks!

Last time I had just finished the top half of Great Wave. Thanks for all the cheering, and yes, I did a little happy dance:

I rolled the frame and started to stitch the bottom half. It's nice to have all the blues!

Here's a close-up of the column and a bit I stitched:

Well, that pantry won't paint itself, and if I want to reclaim my kitchen table I'd better get to it. My treat tonight will be to sit down and see what my fellow stitchers are up to. 


  1. This is looking lovely! Best of wishes with the pantry painting, cleaning, and the interesting meals this will mean in the next few weeks. ;) Our menu for the week is utilizing foods from the freezer. A complete inventory of the pantry is on our To Do List this weekend, too... I hope you find some happy stitching time!

  2. Oh yes, those blues are lovely! I've just noticed you roll your frame the opposite way to me. I like the sound of a pantry full of forgotten goodies :-)

  3. I love those blues too. I am with you on the deep cleaning, I was scrubbing the kitchen floor earlier!

  4. look at you go with all the blues ^^
    and good luck on the pantry clean out ^^

  5. Great progress and good luck with your painting!

  6. Lots of wonderful progress. Your work (tension) is so perfectly perfect. I tackled that project in December and it feels so good when its done!