Thursday, November 4, 2021

Witchy Stitchy 2021

This year I participated in the 2021 Witchy Stitchy Challenge -- a challenge to stitch for at least half an hour every day in October. Apart from the weekend where I was staying in a dimly lit cottage where I couldn't see to stitch, I did it. I also made a point of not working on my big "Great Wave" project, and focused on some Halloweeny items, and, in the last couple of days, an early Christmas present. And voila!

It will take me a while to decide how I want to finish the two small motifs -- in theory I'll turn them into ornaments for my Halloween tree. And I'm happy with how both the small Mill Hill "Taboo Kitty" ornament and the Hook, Line & Tinker "gnomework" kit turned out. 

It was great to have the motivation to stitch every day ... and the freedom to have a couple of skip days and not feel bad about it. So all in all, a big success!

1 comment:

  1. I love the fabric that you used for those Halloween pieces. It really makes the motifs pop out.