Sunday, June 13, 2021

Great Wave Stitch-a-Long, part 5

I don't know where the last three weeks went, but I have literally not completed a single stitch on my Great Wave piece. 

Some good weather, a weekend away, a couple of in-person races (the first in over a year!) and, well, I guess that's where the last three weeks went!

But here's where I am on the project -- it should look pretty familiar! And I still love the sky so much.

I am absolutely sure that the other stitchers in this stitch-a-long have been much more productive than I have, so check out their blogs and see:

See you in three weeks, and I PROMISE to have done at least a tiny bit of stitching!


  1. That sky is truly beautiful. We've had some lovely weather here in the nw and I am glad to read you've been able to get out into it and do some of the things you love to do - enjoy!

  2. That good weather is calling you Sunny, enjoy!

  3. looks good ^^ I'm sure you'll feel it's growing faster once you get to some blue ^^

  4. We're finally getting a summer too! Enjoy the outdoors while you can. Thanks for linking to the rest of the group.

  5. Life happens sometime. Enjoy your stitching if you can get to it.

  6. Life is sometimes fuller than other times so you do what you can and the rest will save for another day. Looks like you have been getting out and enjoying some freedom. xx