Thursday, October 1, 2020

October OMG : Calavera Ornaments

I love Halloween, and for my October OMG I want to stitch up some of these adorable Calavera Ornaments from Mill Hill.

I have a small Halloween tree and try to add a new ornament every year. This year I discovered these lovely kits and, since I couldn't decide which color to get, I GOT EVERY COLOR. 

Amusingly, I closed my eyes and picked a kit to start -- and chose "Azul", which is my least favorite of the six color options. I opened up the kit today during a less-than-enlightening webinar at work... and got a good start on the stitching. I think the beading will be more time consuming, but who knows? 

My goal for October, therefore, is to stitch at least 2 of the skulls and sew them back to back to make an ornament for my Halloween tree. I fully admit that this may be too easy -- but, again, I honestly don't know. We'll see!

The One Monthly Goal link-up is organized by Elm Street Quilts with the idea that we can just focus on one task and make progress. You can see all the new October projects -- or add your own -- on the Goal Setting page. (You can also see how people did in September on the Finish Party page!)


  1. Have fun with your ghoulish embroidery! Your tree will look amazing; I'd like to see a photo; maybe when you publish your goal achieved?

  2. This looks like fun! Can't wait to see your ornaments!!!

  3. Thanks -- I'm excited to do these!

  4. Fun. Thanks for thinking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.