Saturday, August 1, 2020

August OMG : Plus Quilt, continued

Well, I guess I have to do it. Having cut and pieced the flimsy for my queen-size Plus Quilt, the next step is pinning it up. One big problem:

I didn't really have the room to lay out the entire quilt. Even once I stitched it together, I didn't have a place big enough to spread it out to take a picture. 

So making the space to lay out the backing fabric, the batting, and the top, get them all stretched out, and pinning it all together is going to be a challenge requiring moving furniture, rolling up a rug, and figuring out how to stretch the fabric so it's not wrinkled ...

My goal for August, therefore, is to get the pinning done. Just typing this makes me feel slightly anxious. But it's good to have a goal, eh?

The One Monthly Goal link-up is organized by Elm Street Quilts with the idea that we can just focus on one task and make progress. You can see all the new August projects -- or add your own -- on the Goal Setting page. (You can also see how people did in July on the Finish Party page!)


  1. You can do it! Looks like your kitty cat is ready to help you — or at least to supervise! :-)

    1. Thanks Rebecca! He'll be VERY helpful, I'm sure. :)

  2. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly goal and good luck with your project.