Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Railroad Bridge 10K VIRTUAL race report

Back in February we ran the first race in the 2020 Run the Peninsula Race Series, the Elwha Bridge 5K... and it was GREAT. We were looking forward to 4 additional weekends away on the Olympic Peninsula... and then, well, COVID-19.

So our 10K became a virtual 10K. No lovely weekend in Sequim (at the adorable Juan de Fuca Cottages no less!), no pretty run across the Railroad Bridge, the longest bridge over the Dungeness River. So I read. 

But the race organizers sent out the bibs, medals, and swag in plenty of time, so we had them. I love that each race in the series has a different bit of swag -- we got hats in the first race, and this time we got gloves. 

We set off early -- in the pouring rain -- and ran a big loop out to the lookout and around the neighborhood. And, well, we ran a bit long. 

It rained, hard, the entire time. How rainy? We actually saw ducks. DUCKS.

But it was nice -- and the rain kept most of the other people indoors, so we didn't have to dodge very often. Once home, we opened up our medal envelopes (so cute!) and put them on. These gorgeous medals will link up with the other medals in the series -- we're looking forward to that. 

Not the day -- or the weekend -- or, heck, the April we were hoping for, but still a good day. 

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