Friday, February 28, 2020

Hike of the Week : Dosewallips Steam Donkey Trail

The other day we got up early, jumped in the car, and took the ferry across from Edmonds to Kingston. We drove down to Dosewallips State Park, parked the car, and headed on a little loop of the Steam Donkey Trail. 

The trail was an odd little trail -- a trail that existed to get you into the outdoors for a while rather than to take you anywhere or show you anything. And that's just fine. 

It was mossy and lush and green, and the trail had been well maintained and cleared of the recent blow-downs. There were also plenty of signs so you didn't feel lost.

The little bridges over the streams were well maintained.

One suspects this stream gets quite full at certain times of year, so the bridge (seen above) is definitely needed!

SpoooOOOoooky Phantom Creek!

Okay, maybe not super spooky...

And I always always always love a boardwalk through a marshy area:

Towards the end of the loop we passed this funny little flooded pond -- it seemed out of place, somehow.

But my favorite spot on the hike was this tiny little bridge:

And then we were out!

Dosewallips Steam Donkey Trail

3.0 miles

574 feet elevation gain

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