Friday, December 27, 2019

Adventure 48/50 : the Maya exhibit at the Royal BC Museum

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to spend Wil's birthday at one of the Seven Wonders of the World: Chichen Itza. I was intrigued by what we learned about the Maya and their culture, but never followed up. (Sigh.)

Then I heard that a major exhibition on the Maya was being staged by one of my favorite museums in the world: the Royal BC Museum in Victoria. And that the exhibit would run through the end of 2019 -- so we could combine it with a trip to see the Christmas lights at the Butchart Gardens. Perfect!

So on our trip to Victoria last weekend, we spend several hours on Sunday morning poking around the museum.

Our first stop, of course, was the exhibit, Maya: The Great Jaguar Rises:

With over 300 artifacts from Guatemala, including jade, ceramics, gold, stone, and textiles, all arranged in various rooms:

I loved this "lidded vessel with jaguar-shaped handle" -- look at how the body is painted on the lid, extending from the 3-D head!

There were lots of large carved stones -- these are some of my favorites:

I especially admired this one of a Maya Queen, Lady Six Sky; I liked the look on her face...

Until I noticed that she was trampling on a captive. I guess that's why she looks so happy...

And these gorgeous tiny mosaic pieces, only a little larger than a quarter coin, portraying the gods of scribes -- "who can be recognized by their monkey features". Oh...

And this irresistible codex -- I love love love the images on it!

The rest of the museum is glorious, too. Who can resist this lovely mammoth?

And the river otter hiding in a corner of a coastal diorama?

And the lovely totem poles...

No matter what temporary exhibit is on, the Royal BC Museum is a destination in and of itself.

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