Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Adventure 36/50 : SUP life!

Last summer we tried stand-up paddleboarding for the first time, and even though we struggled mightily in bad weather, we really enjoyed it. At the time I wrote "headed home... already talking about buying our own boards".

Well, it took nearly a year, but one day we were at home and an offer popped up on the Amazon Treasure Truck... a stand-up paddleboard bundle:

We looked at each other and quickly snapped up a pair -- even though it meant we would have to drive up to Lynnwood to get them.

We brought them home and played with them, making sure we knew how to inflate them -- and that we could actually get them inflated! Then the next weekend we took them out to Lake Washington for their first voyage.

We inflated them next to the water...

We paddled a little ways away from shore

and stood up! And paddled!

The day was lovely, and the water was pretty calm -- much different than the first time we got on the water.

Our first day out on our own boards by ourselves had been a success, so we celebrated at a nearby cafe... Perhaps I should mention that it was probably only 10:30 at this point, and all the other patrons were brunching. But we had ALREADY BEEN OUT ON OUR PADDLEBOARDS!

A few days later -- on the 4th of July -- we took the boards out to the lake again. The weather wasn't as nice...

but we enjoyed paddling around. For a long time we just sat together and floated...

We also watched a pair of bald eagles circle overhead, which was pretty to see... and very 'MURCA on Independence Day. 

Then a few days later we drove up to Panorama Point campground for a paddle on Baker Lake ... another gloomy day, but still fun to get out on the water:

But our best time out on the water, I think, was a glorious day up at Baker Lake. We put in at the day use area again, and spent a long time paddling around.

Sorry about the water on the camera lens!

Mount Baker looking perfect...

The day was nearly perfect!

Sadly, that was the last time we were able to get on the water this year; I had to have eye surgery and had to keep water -- especially non-sterile water -- out of my eye for weeks. (My eye healed really well, thanks -- and we were able to go to the hot springs in Japan!) But writing this post really makes me look forward to getting back on the boards next summer!

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