Wednesday, February 6, 2019

February OMG - the Temperature Project

Hi everyone! Well, you know I didn't get much done on this project in January, so here's hoping I can GET MOVING in February!

We have had colder weather over the last few days, with the result that the piece will now have THREE colors. Welcome to the party, Dark Grape!

Of course, it's not much of a party yet -- just a bunch of skeins of wool nervously sitting in a bag, waiting for someone to pick them. The black wool I ordered a week ago hasn't arrived, and I'm still waiting for a response from their customer service about a correct tracking number as the first one they sent isn't recognized by UPS. But I have faith that, at some point in this short little month, I'll get the wool and do some stitching. Really.

So that's the goal for February -- just get started. Do a textured outline in black to break up the pattern a bit. Then get to stitching. If I can get, say, through JANUARY by the end of February I'll feel like a total boss.

It's nice to feel accountable -- so if you'd like a little nudge with your project, there's still time to join the One Monthly Goal link-up over at Elm Street Quilts. There are over a hundred amazing projects to look at to get inspired!

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  1. Looking forward to see this develop.Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.