Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Michigan, here we come!

It's been a Very Long Time since I have attempted to earn another state. A combination of injury and, let's face it, unplanned unemployment meant I didn't venture out to keep my project moving along. But since we PAID OFF OUR MORTGAGE, which was a huge milestone for us, I decided it was time to kickstart the project again.

The Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon has been on my list of dream races for a long time. An international half -- starting and finishing in the United States, but swinging through Canada. And one that features both a spectacular river crossing on a bridge (which happens to be the high point of the course) and an "underwater mile" -- a tunnel under the same river to cross back into the US... well, that's pretty amazing. 

I told Wil I wanted to run this race, and he decided he'd like to join in. So it's not until October, but our race entries are secured, our flights are booked, and our schmancy hotel is booked too. I'm excited to visit Detroit and run this race, even if we'll only be in the Motor City for about 24 hours. 

I'll write more when we're there, but I'm excited to have arranged to run in Michigan, aka state #37!!!

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