Monday, June 4, 2018

Hike of the Week: Boulder River, again

On Saturday we needed to get at least 3 hours of hiking in, so we decided to revisit a trail we had cut short last year. Back in April 2017 we got a couple of miles down the trail and then turned back when it started crazy hailing. 

We arrived at the trailhead behind a couple of other cars, again so happy to have our Subaru as we watched two other cars -- both SUVs -- inch their way up ahead of us.

We set out a little after 8, stopping to register first, of course!

The trail was lovely and quiet, and we had it to ourselves. 

Everything was a million shades of green:

Soon we entered the wilderness, and the trees got bigger.

Soon we reached the pretty double waterfall -- though we didn't spot the earlier waterfall. Overall the trail was drier than last April -- it wasn't until much farther along that we really appreciated our Gore-Tex boots!

As we continued along, the trail moved closer and farther from the river, sometimes giving us pretty views.

We eventually passed the point where we turned back last year, and kept on going ... amusingly, we didn't know what to expect from the trail, or what would be at the "end".

I really loved these little flowers:

And these tiny fern fronds, each with a tiny "fiddlehead":

We continued on along the trail, still completely on our own.

Seriously, look at those little ferns all standing to attention!

Eventually the trail seemed to end ... or at least fade away .... at some very nice campsites on the river. How nice would it be to wake up to this?

We had a snack ("take off your pack and have a snack!"), took the requisite #bootie, and relaxed in the solitude.

After about 15 minutes, we decided to turn back. Met a few hikers headed our way, included two young men resting near a stream, massive packs on their back. We told them how great the campsites looked, told them they were close, and moved on. Then we passed a group of women with daypacks, and then a large family hauling a lot of camping equipment. We said, "Well, those two guys will still be able to have a quiet campsite." And then, another mile or so along, we passed  a large group of kids and some leaders ... who asked us how much farther to the campground. So much for solitude, guys!

We made our way back to the trailhead, surprised by just how many people we passed as we got closer and closer. But as for me, I just admired the flora.

The trailhead was rammed, and I was glad that I had backed into my spot so I could get out easily.

As Wil noted, there's no big "payoff" at the end of this hike, but it's a nice gentle wander through the woods with a pretty river and some waterfalls.

Boulder River Trail

9.4 miles
91699 feet elevation gain

Postscript: That One Guy and the Eels @ Showbox Market

Saturday night we went to Showbox Market to see Eels. And as much as I love Eels and thought they were amazing ... I was really impressed by the opening act -- That1Guy. He's a one-man band of sorts, playing a remarkable instrument he designed and built himself that he calls "The Magic Pipe".

He's funny, funky, and weird. I especially liked "The Moon is Disgusting" ... "the stronger the elbows, the weaker the knees". Listen for yourself!

Saturday was a loooong day, but a good one. 

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