Saturday, April 7, 2018

100 days of Ulysses, milestone 1

There are many ways to divide up Ulysses ...

One could take the number of pages, not including the preface or afterword -- 642. To read it in 100 days you could read 6.4 pages per day... or give yourself a little cushion and read 7 pages per day.

You could follow the "100 day challenge" idea of dividing it into thirds, or 214 pages every 30 days, and then allowing yourself the 10 days of cushion at the end.

Most of the "how to read Ulysses" pieces I've read -- okay, I only read one -- suggested that you should try, where possible, to read each chapter in one sitting... though I'm not sure I could get through a 150-page chapter (15. "Circe") in one go! That would mean 6 chapters every 30 days.

But regardless of how one divides up the work.... by pages, by chapters, whatever... I'm behind.

I'm only just over 100 pages in, mainly because I'm simply not making the time to sit down with Leo and Stephen and read. When I do read, I am enjoying it -- increasingly so -- so I hope I'll be more disciplined in the next 30 days!

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