Tuesday, January 9, 2018

100-Day Challenge, Milestone 3

It really was going so well. Despite back to back Fridays that fell short of my 10,000 steps goal, I was running *and* getting my steps almost all of the time. And even though I had missed 3 days of the "10K Every Day" part, I felt like we were in the home stretch, and I would be able to achieve this crazy thing.

And then my hip started to hurt. That's okay, hell, that was even expected. So, okay, I'll get my steps.

And then I got sick. Not deathly ill or anything -- just a good old-fashioned cold, the likes of which I hadn't had in a couple of years.

I got sick on 12/31, and only got 3334 steps in. I rallied on 1/1, and then missed again on 1/2 … though at least I did get 7810 steps. Another rally on 1/3… and then another miss on 1/4, but again I had a decent day with 8250 steps.

Then another miss, on 1/5, with just 2315 -- the fewest steps I had taken in months. Back up on 1/6 … and then back down on 1/7 (3354! Ouch!).

A combination of feeling ill, rainy cold weather on many of the days, not wanting to go out in said weather on those days, and plain laziness are the culprits.

However … I'm happy to say that I didn't drop the entire challenge just because I went through a bad patch. And even on the days I didn't get my steps, I didn't always just give up completely and resign myself to the couch. I mean, on 1/2 and 1/4 I got within a couple of thousand. So I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

So we've got just over a week until the end of the challenge -- I'll check in again then.

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