Sunday, September 17, 2017

Zanzibar day 7: vacation, all I ever wanted

Slept much better overnight, what with no angry shouting in the middle of the night. Of course, we did get woken up by a rooster crowing at 5am. The sky was still dark but the tiniest bit of blush had appeared at the horizon. But only a tiny bit. Looks like the rooster wanted to be first to declare the sunrise, even though it was a rosy-pinkied dawn, at best.

Today was a perfectly lazy day -- breakfast, then some reading on the patio, some reading by the pool, and then a walk along the beach to Paje... during which we were gently accosted by a gang of children, including a girl holding a baby who looked me in the eye and quietly said, "Pipi? Pipi?" And her little brother who took great pleasure in "sneaking" up on Wil and slapping his butt.

The seaweed on the beach is gathered (and even farmed) by a women's collective, who then take it and turn it into soaps and scrubs. We considered visiting the Seaweed Center... but it also seemed too much like ACTION and we were LAZY.

Then back to the guesthouse, a bit of lunch (we shared an order of fish & chipsi), a splash in the pool, and some more reading... a completely lazy day.

I did finish A Thousand Splendid Suns, and start ... and finish ... Alternate Hero, and I picked up a crime novel the I got 2/3rds of the way through. So I was BUSY.

We read till dark, then had dinner a little after eight. I had a seafood pasta, which clearly had leftover fish fillet from lunch chopped up.... and I managed to sneak a chunk to the cat.

Funny Kili memory: looking over and noticing Laurie was her usual gorgeous, put-together self: eyeliner, mascara. I ran my tongue over my teeth and wondered whether I a brushed them the previous night. Or the night before that, for that matter. #beautyroutine

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