Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hike of ... last week : Weir Canyon Trail

In SoCal for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, we decided to get a little hike in on our non-Disney day. So after we picked up our race packets and checked in to the hotel, we drove out to Weir Canyon. As we approached the trailhead we were surprised to drive through a gated neighborhood, and end up at the end of a street with 3 little parking spaces. 

We set off under a bright blue sky, through dry grass and a dusty trail. 

It was such a change from hiking in the northwest -- all the colors were different. Gold and sage and olive.

It was hot and dry and dusty, but we saw a few other people out enjoying the trail.

As we walked along, we occasionally neared houses -- funny how close to "civilization" this trail was.

But for the most part, it did seem like we were in the wilderness.

It was hot -- dry and hot -- and we saw lizards sunning themselves.

The loop meandered up and down around the canyon, every so often taking us up to a wide-open view.

Here's something we don't get to see every day in the PNW...

This was a perfect little hike -- just 4 miles and 90 minutes of walking, some fresh air, and a very different set of flora. This hike's #bootie : trading snow for cactus:

Weir Canyon Trail

4.0 miles
656 feet elevation gain

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