Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tanzania Tuesday #26 : Clary von Ruckteschell-Trueb

Clary von Ruckteschell-Truëb (1882-1969) moved to east Africa in the early 20th century with her husband Walter von Ruckteschell.

Clary, Walter, and their friend and fellow artist Carl Albert von Salis climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 1914.

Walter and Carl reached the summit on February 13; Clary reached the crater rim at what is now called Gillman's Point... possibly the first woman to do so. (See last week's post on Gertrude Emily Benham for more information.)

Clary and her husband had set up a studio in Moshi in 1913 -- Clary working on her sculptures and ceramics, Walter on his paintings. 
image from Mount Kilimanjaro Wiki
Walter painted this painting of Kili during this period:

image from Mount Kilimanjaro Wiki; you can get your own copy from Art.com
I've been unable to find any account of their climb, but I did find some handsome ceramics that Clary made later in life after moving back to Germany (some currently available to purchase, if you're interested...)

Here's a "jug vase" from designclassics24.eu :

"An extremely rare jug vase by the German potter Clary von Ruckteschell-Trueb / Munich (1882 - 1969). Red clay, with expressive glaze in green/brown-freckled. Around 1960. Height ca. 6.7'. Marked underneath with the engraved artist's workshop sign. Excellent condition, free of damages - no traces of use."
Clary von Ruckteschell-Treub's signature
And a very modern looking stein from steinmarks.co.uk :

The von Ruckteschell's home in Dachau has recently been restored and converted into a museum, studio, and rent-free apartments for sponsored artists. The Art Nouveau style, along with furniture designed by the couple, some of Clary's artworks, and their African souvenirs have brought the house back to life.Their daughter, Ruth von Bennigsen, says that her parents would be delighted. I wonder if there is anything in the museum about their Kilimanjaro climb?

the Ruckteschell's house in Dachau, now a museum. Photo c. Stadt Dachau


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