Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Goals ... a recap

2016 was a stinker. An absolute stinker. The less said about it, the better. Goals, schmoals. But in the spirit of accountability ... or whatever ... I guess I should go through this exercise... and hope for a better 2017.

1. Run 500 miles
To be honest, I have NO IDEA how many miles I ran. It wasn't much, believe me. A few runs, here and there ... a couple of races, here and there. I stopped keeping track. Shameful, I know. I haven't even been able to break out running from walking. But I estimate that I ran just over 200 miles. Not great. I will say that my Fitbit assures me that I traveled 1657.77 miles ... but I know that's B.S.

2016 miles

200-ish miles
0 miles 
500 miles

2. Run 10 half marathons

Getting hurt partway through 2016 ... along with losing my job and being slightly more rational about traveling to new states for races meant that I didn't get many half marathons in in 2016. Well, "many" being a relative term... I did get six halfs run. 

2016 half marathons

0 halfs
10 halfs

3. Break 2:10 in a half marathon

Here's how I described this goal:
This is a big stretch -- I haven't run close to that pace in nearly 3 years, but I STILL think on the right day, on the right course, I could hit it. I even have a goal race in mind ... and I think I could actually, you know, follow a TRAINING PROGRAM for it. So I feel cautiously optimistic on this.
Ha. Didn't come close. My fastest half was what would formerly have been a slowish run: Tinker Bell Half at 2:34:36. NOPE.

4. Run half marathons in 5 new states

This was really a casualty of my layoff ... I just couldn't justify spending the money to travel so far away in 2016. I did manage to get two new states run, Kansas and Oklahoma, but now it seems that my 50 by 50 goal has slipped away. 

5 new states

0 states
5 states

5. Run a sub-8:00 mile

NOPE. This would have been a huge accomplishment for me ... and one that I never even worked on in 2016. Pity.

6. Break 1:00:00 in a 10K

NOPE. This should have been do-able, but I didn't work on it. This list is getting pretty depressing!

7. Blog an average of 2x / week

This should have been pretty easy... but I only managed 76 blog posts... so, 1.5/week. Still, that's more than in 2015, so I'll give myself a B on this one.

8. Run a 5K PR

No speed work... and only one 5K ... and that was a weird one full of twists and turns. Another nope.

9. Run to work 30 times

I could argue that I should be able to cut this number down, given that I lost my job 7 months in... but to be honest I only ever ran to work 3 times. Another big nope. Wow, this is really really depressing!

runs to (or from) work

0 runs
30 runs

10. Get to 10,000 steps on a graded percentage. 

Well. Let's just say that my grades usually are better. I got to green 164 days in 2016. That's 44.8% of the time. So that's a big red F.

So... 0 for 10 on 2016 goals. Painful. Here's hoping for a brighter, more successful 2017.

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