Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tanzania Tuesday #23 : Maisha ya Familia (Family Life)

It's Thanksgiving this week, so I decided to learn some vocabulary about families.

"Freedom from Want" by Norman Rockwell. Rockwell said of the turkey in the painting: "Our cook cooked it, I painted it, and we ate it. That was one of the few times I've ever eaten the model."
Being of the Tofurkey tribe, myself, this picture isn't exactly what we have planned. I personally prefer this Rockwell:

#teamturkey !!!!
Team Wil-Sun will be going over to my brother's house for brunch in the morning, stuffing ourselves silly, and then sleeping it off in the afternoon. Perfect! My mom, my brother, my sister-in-law, my nephew, and his girlfriend will all be there.

Thanksgiving is, of course, an American holiday, but one could translate the term "thanksgiving" or "gratitude" as "shukrani". And "feast" can be translated as "sikukuu".

shukrani = gratitude
sikikuu = feast
ndugu = relative
baba = father
mama = mother
mwana = son
binti = daughter
kaka = brother
dada  = sister
mjomba = uncle
shangazi = aunt
mpwa = nephew OR niece
shemeji = brother-in-law
wifi = sister-in-law
mpenzi = boyfriend OR girlfriend, or "sweetheart"

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