Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2015 Running Goals in Review

Yeah, yeah. It's 7 weeks into 2016. But better late than never, eh???

It's no spoiler to say, flat out, that I didn't achieve most of my goals in 2015. But I did end up achieved more of them than I would have thought.

I had decided that I wanted my goals to be both long-term and short-term, and give me different things I could focus on at different times... the idea being that I had the opportunity to achieve different types of success throughout the year.

Here's what DIDN'T happen...

Run 700 miles

This one as such a damn stretch. And I didn't even come close. And, seriously, the races packed in at the end of the year provided many of the miles. I hope to do better in 2016.

2015 miles

449.6 miles
0 miles 
700 miles

Break 2:10 in a half marathon

This was a big stretch -- I haven't run close to that pace in nearly 3 years now. Perhaps, I dunno, TRAINING for a race could make this achievable. But, since I was unable to force myself to train (sigh), and I kept getting small, hobbling injuries, I didn't come near this in 2015.. As in, fastest time was 2:22 and change. I do still think that on the right day, on the right course, I could hit it. Maybe 2016.

Run 15 in '15

Ahh, this. Another spectacularly poor performance in 2015. Even with a new system whereby I would grade myself on a percentage of weeks completed... well... I'm still getting a failing grade. I only had 15 weeks where I ran 15 or more miles ... So that's pretty grim. Not sure I can even pretend that I'll so something along this line in 2016.

15 in '15 weeks

15 weeks
0 weeks 
52 weeks

Run a sub-8:00 mile

This was a big tough goal. My fastest mile EVER was somewhere between 8:15 and 8:30. I never ever ever work on my speed. Nor do I ever run on a track. Nor did I really work on this one. I don't even think I ran a time trial in January 2015. Big red failure, here. That said, I did run a very cold and stiff "time trial" on January 1, 2016 ... running a mile in a sluggish 10:22. I can definitely bring that down once the weather gets warmer and my joints unthaw a little...

Break 1:00:00 in a 10K

Nope. Though to be fair, in 2014 I would have thought this was a real long shot. Except when we "took it easy" at the Tinker Bell 10K in January 2014 and ran 1:02 and change. Then a month later I ran 1:01 and change. But I didn't really make the time to run any more 10Ks ... or work on my speed. I'm going to bring this back in 2016.

Blog an average of 2x / week

This shouldn't have been difficult -- but in the end I only published 68 posts in 2015. I can do better in 2016 ... and I need to develop the discipline of blogging more often... and about more than just race reports. (Thanks for the continued tough love, Suz!)

Run a 5K PR

No speedy runs whatsoever in 2015 ... but I am gonna make this happen in 2016!

Run to work 50 times

Seriously, nada. Though I did walk to or from work about 30 times ... so this is on my radar and achievable, I think. Just gotta get on it in 2016.

runs to work

0 runs 
5 runs

Here's what DID happen...

Run 15 half marathons

Fifteen... and then some. (Half marathon #15 was the Hartford Half Marathon, on 10/10/15.) I finished the year at 21 half marathons ... and a totally unexpected three FULL marathons. I'm super proud of this!

2015 half marathons

21 halfs
0 halfs
15 halfs

Run half marathons in 5 new states

Color this one done! Being able to run the Center of the Nation Series with Mainly Marathons and pick up 5 new states ... and then spend some time back east to run in three more ... with another state coming up in a couple of weeks. So happy to take such a big chunk out of the rest of the list.

5 new states

0 states
5 states

So, two big happy successes ... and a whole lotta failures. I want to streamline my goals for 2016 ... fewer goals, but still keep them spread across different types of goals. More to come on that!

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