Wednesday, January 27, 2016

the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend event guide is up!

Greetings from Amsterdam (more on that later...), where the time shift has me idly looking at the Internet at 4:30am. The other day I suddenly remembered, hold on, the Princess Half Marathon isn't far away. So this morning I took a peek at the runDisney site and ... IT'S UP!

The event guide tends to echo the color scheme of the weekend ... and, since there's an "Under the Sea" / Little Mermaid theme, I am hoping we'll have green or blue or purple event shirts. I mean, if I can't have a black shirt, a purple one is great!

Now, the race guides don't really change all that much race by race, or year by year, but the publishing of the event guide is always what makes things feel "real", like the race is just around the corner. Exciting! Now, I guess I should start really thinking about those costumes... any ideas?

View the Princess Half Marathon Weekend Event Guide


  1. Wil as the Chef and you as Sebastian (he was the lobster, right?) and Wil can chase you the entire race.

    Neptune and Ariel?

  2. Love the idea of Wil as Triton! Well, a young Triton, without the white hair. :)

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