Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sage Rat Run 2015 -- holy cats, have you seen these medals???

We ran the Sage Rat Run last year -- both the half marathon on the Saturday and the 10K option of the Dirty Rat Run on the Sunday. Both events were fantastic -- really thoughtfully planned, organized, and run. And, of course, AMAZING MEDALS:

 The courses are lovely, the towns are lovely, the people are lovely -- seriously, this was one of my favorite events of 2014, possibly ever. Oh, as a reminder, they have a MASCOT:

Team Wil-Sun with Dusty the Sage Rat

I wanted to run the races again this year, but schedules just aren't working out. But, seriously, you should think seriously about this event. Because … holy cats, have you seen these medals???

This year the medals are pirate themed. Or as they say, piRATe themed. Here's the 6-inch beauty you can earn for completing the half marathon:

2015 Sage Rat Run Half Marathon medal

IT'S GOT A WHALE SKELETON ON IT! IT'S GOT AN OCTOPUS ON IT!!! IT'S GOT A SAGE RAT ON IT!!!! And did I mention it's 6 inches wide??? Awesome. 

Run any distance of the trail run the next day -- 10K, 15K, half marathon -- and you can get this honking Dirty Rat Run medal:

2015 Dirty Rat Run medal

And, of course, if you run both, you get this additional medal:

2015 Sage Rat Run "Rat Deux" medal

I can testify that these are quality medals -- clanky, heavy, brightly colored, and HUGE medals. 

But maybe, you're like us, and you can't attend the Sage Rat Run this year. (Though you should, because it's awesome.)

But for those of us who can't be there in person, we can be there virtually, with their Sage Rat Virtual Run … and earn this gorgeous bling:

2015 Sage Rat Virtual Run medal

The whale spins. Did you hear me? THE WHALE SPINS. SPINS, I SAY!!!! I'm not a big proponent of virtual runs, but I *might* have to run this, because, holy cats, this medal is a beauty.

Okay, hopefully I have you all fired up over the bling. Amusing aside: while writing this post Wil came by and I mentioned the Virtual Run medal. He said, "Virtual run? With a medal? What does it look like?" I showed him, said, "the whale spins" and he said, "Oh, yeah. We're doing that. We're totally doing that."

Bling is a strong force for good, is it not?

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