Friday, January 9, 2015

Impressions of Paint Nite

A long time ago LSF Suz and I bought "deals" to go to Paint Nite -- one of those  group painting + drinks evenings. We didn't manage to actually SELECT a painting or an event until mid-December, but we finally went this week. 

We chose a painting called "Impressionist Winter":

The event was at the Ward Johnson Winery in Seattle. Instructor Gregory Copploe signed us in, got us settled, and pointed us to the bar. Clearly we were going to need a little liquid inspiration!

(We had a very nice Syrah, btw.)

Before this sort of event I am always anxious. Yeah, I know, dumb. The last time Suz and I went to a painting night (which was also the first time, I guess) there were a total of four people there... But this event was sold out - 40 people - and CLEARLY they would all point and laught at me, right?

But we settled in, sipped wine, gave each other puzzled looks ("where is purple supposed to go?!?"), and had an okay time. The instructor was funny and friendly, if a little overstretched with 40 pupils. We decided that he didn't give us much instruction because our paintings were SO DAMN GOOD. 

The best part was having a chance to spend an evening with Suz! That and doing something outside of my comfort zone. Oh, and did I mention that this crossed another "groupon" off my list?



Happy artists:

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  1. I had a great time! Can't tell the copies from the original! I love both of our skies. They turned out much better than it seemed they would at the time.